• Ready Mixed Filler



    This ready mixed, multi-purpose filler has many uses and is ideal for repairs to all stonework, timber and plaster. It is simple to use, does not shrink and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Patching Plaster



    This ready to use product can be used to fill holes and cracks in walls, ceilings, around door frames and skirting boards, to provide a smooth surface perfect for overpainting and wallpapering. It is tough, durable, shrink and crack resistant and easy to use. (1.5kg).




    This fast-setting, high quality expanding foam can be used as either a hand held or gun grade product. MegaFoam is multi-purpose and bonds, fills, seals and insulates most construction materials. Once cured it can be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or plastered over. It has a higher yield and twice the shelf life of a standard can of PU foam. (750ml)

  • PU Foam Kit



    This handy kit contains everything you need to carry out high quality filling, sealing, bonding and insulating safely, easily and quickly. If you are undertaking a particularly large job or simply use PU foam a lot then this is an absolutely great buy. The kit includes 6 x 750ml MegaFoam cannisters, a standard PU foam gun and a can of PU foam cleaner.