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    This fast-setting, high quality expanding foam can be used as either a hand held or gun grade product. MegaFoam is multi-purpose and bonds, fills, seals and insulates most construction materials. Once cured it can be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or plastered over. It has a higher yield and twice the shelf life of a standard can of PU foam. (750ml)

  • PU Foam Cleaner



    High strength PU foam cleaner which digests and removes uncured foam from applicator guns, walls and tools quickly and easily. If used on an expanding foam gun it will help to extend its life. (500ml)

  • Remedial Wall Ties


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    Our inexpensive, easy to use, remedial wall ties are a perfect solution for wall tie failure. These replacement helical brick ties are unobtrusive and simply screw into a wide variety of building materials when hammered into pilot holes, allowing stability to be restored. They can also be used for tying and pinning masonry to brick. block, concrete and timber. (These 9mm diameter wall ties are available in 180mm, 205mm, 230mm and 255mm.)

  • Resin to resin wall tie range


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    This high performance resin bonded remedial wall tie will connect both the inner (load bearing) leaf with the external wall and should be used when the existing ties have either corroded or insufficient ties have been used. (Sold in packs of 100).

  • Wall Tie Installation Tool



    This easy to use and inexpensive tool will help speed up remedial wall tie installation.

  • Universal Insulation Clips


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    SkilledBuild's revolutionary model of the standard universal insulation clip has been designed to reduce the energy and raw materials used in its manufacture, making it more environmentally friendly. However, this has not been at the expense of the clip's technical performance. These clips are used in cavity wall construction and are fitted to wall ties to hold insulation in place. They have a universal design, so they fit all standard metal wall ties. (They are available in packs of 50, 200 and 1000 with prices ranging from £3.75 to £42.50)

  • Flashing Clips and installation tool



    These corrosion resistant, high quality, stainless steel fixing clips are designed to easily secure lead flashing into open joints of masonry. They are also suitable for use as non-lead flashing clips as well. (50 clips and 1 fixing tool).

  • Advanced Brick Plugs


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    This top of the range Brick Plug is used in damp proofing applications to secure cavity drain membranes to a base material, usually brickwork, stone or concrete. (This product comes in packs of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 and prices range from £25.99 to £211.20).

  • Plaster Plugs - damp proof membrane accessories


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    This premium quality plaster plug is a one piece hammer-in fixing, which is manufactured from corrosion resistant polypropylene. An advantageous feature of this plug is that it incorporates a textured surface head to help direct application of various plaster or plasterboard; so it is perfect for use with mesh damp proof membranes. (Available in 50mm and 70mm and they come in packs of 100, 200, 500, 1000 with prices ranging from £9.90 to £71.59)

  • Plug Seals


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    These synethtic waterproof washers are a quick and easy way of forming a compression seal when installing damp proof membranes to a substrate using SkilledBuild Brick or Plaster Plugs. It is a simpler alternative to using waterproof rope. (They are available in packs of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 with prices ranging from £9.90 to £70.40)

  • Cob Plugs - damp proof membrane accessories


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    These cob plugs can be used to secure damp proof membranes or lining boards to poor quality base material. This is because unlike standard friction fit fasteners our plugs have an expanding stem which provides fantastic anchorage. SkilledBuild cob plugs are available in both 60mm and 90mm lengths. (Available in packs of 50, 100, 200 and 1000)

  • PC200 Inhibitor



    PC200 Inhibitor provides total protection for all indirect central heating systems against formation of scale, rust corrosion, hydrogen gassing, microbiological growth and boiler noise. This product will help extend the life of your system and ensure maximum efficiency and minimum fuel usage. Since this product is a gel you should use it when it is difficult to administer the liquid version. (300ml)