Crackstitching Wires

Helical Bars are designed to stabilise and repair cracks in masonry walls and brickwork. This product will provide resistance against further cracking and restore the structural integrity of the masonry. You can buy the wire separately or in handy crackstitching kits which will provide you with everything you need to carry out an effective crackstitching project.

  • Mixing Paddle



    Attach this mixing paddle to an electric drill with a 10mm or larger chuck to effectively and quickly mix plaster, paint, slurries, textured coatings and other viscous materials. Stirring power equals 500 – 700 rpm.

Spiracoil Helical Bars

Spiracoil Helical Bars together with SpiraGrout Masonry Repair Grout offer you an optimum Crack Stitch solution.

Spiracoil Helical Bars are an austenitic stainless steel reinforcing material that has many unique properties. Spiracoil helical Bars are rolled from a plain round wire; the fins are work-hardened to a very high level whilst the core remains relatively soft. The subsequent twisting process puts the fins into tension and the core into compression. The tensile strength of the base material is more than doubled during the manufacturing process. The pronounced fins over the core make the bonding characteristics of Spiracoil Helical Bars far superior to the alternative standard reinforcing materials.

The uses of the Spiracoil Helical Bars are both wide and varied. The Spiracoil Helical Bar can be used for unlimited masonry structural reinforcement and can be utilised in many specialised refurbishment requirements including new build, apartment buildings, historic buildings, bridges and many more.

Material benefits of Spiracoil Helical Bars:

  • No load and tension concentration.
  • Load dispensed over the complete length of the bar.
  • No additional plates or screws.
  • No additional fixings.
  • Ideal interaction with the masonry.

Spiracoil Helical Bars are free from expansion stresses when installed, so no further stresses will be introduced into the structure. Further, because the Spiracoil Helical Bars are quick and easy to install, the integrity and stability of the structure is restored quickly and economically.

Crack Stitching with Spiracoil Helical Bars

  1. Using suitable chasing equipment, cut horizontal slots into the masonary to the required width, depth and length. Clean out thoroughly with clean water.

  2. Apply continuous bead of SpiraGrout into the slot with SkilledBuild's Grout Gun.

  3. Insert length of Spiracoil Helical Bar and push into the SpiraGrout. Apply a further bead of SpiraGrout, allowing enough room in the slot to re-point with matching mortar.


  1. The Spiracoil Helical Bar must extend 500mm beyond the end of any opening or crack.

  2. Where cracks are within 500mm of corners or reveals, the bar is to be bent and bonded around the corner to the recommended distance.  

  3. When joining Spiracoil Helical Bars, ensure that the bars overlap by at least 500mm.

  4. Crack stitching cannot cure the cause of the crack. Crack Stitching can only remedy the symptoms of the cause.

  5. Always seek the advice of a structural engineer before undertaking any structural repair.