Tools & Accessories

  • Certified PU Foam Gun



    This top of the range, premium expanding foam applicator gun is compatible with any 500 and 750ml gun grade PU foam cannister, including MegaFoam. It is very simple to use and has a number of advantageous features, such as a flow adjuster knob which enables the user to control the foam flow to give a clean, even bead; helping to reduce waste. It is also chrome plated for long-term durability and has an ergonomic solvent resistant handle. In addition, it is Teflon coated to prevent foam from sticking to the gun which helps facilitate cleaning.

  • Multi Wipes Handy Pack



    These multi-purpose wipes for tools, hands and surfaces clean off a wide range of substances, but are still kind to skin. They contain aloe vera which minimises any irritation to skin and soothes hands, as well as preventing dryness and cracking. (100 wipes)

  • Disposable overalls



    These inexpensive, light-weight, white disposable overalls are perfect for those one-off dirty jobs! They have a zip-up front, elasticated hood, cuffs and ankles and are made from a breathable paper product. We sell these coveralls in large, extra large and extra extra large.