Long lasting, re-usable, environmentally friendly, low cost filter material for removing organic matter and algae from ponds. 

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Pure Magic 2

  • Pure Magic 2
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Get a clean pond for a low price without  using chemicals or additives. Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't with Pure Magic.

This revolutionary product is capable of cleaning the dirtiest of ponds as it acts as a magnet 'picking up' the dirt and algae as it passes through your filter box.

There are two types of Pure Magic, Pure Magic 1 and Pure Magic 2. Both have different properties and you will need to decide which is the better option for you and your pond. Although, of course, you could always use them both together.

Pure Magic 1, the ‘dirt dredger’ is most suited to smaller ponds and will ensure that your pond has absolutely crystal clear water but it can need replacing from within 6 hours to 6 months, dependent on the original condition of the pond and the through-put of water. It will definitely need to be replaced after 6 months as after this time it may start to break down.

Pure Magic 2 on the other hand is suited to larger ponds and works particularly well in conjunction with a UV lighting system. It is not quite as effective as Pure Magic 1 but it is still better than any other filter medium on the market. However, it has the added benefit on being a long-life reusable product, therefore, it requires less attention and is more economical.

Pure Magic 2 can also be used in tandem with Pure Magic 1 to pre-filter the water and to prolong the effective life of the latter.

As one happy customer wrote 'it really does work like magic'.

Size:                                     1 sheet – size 650mm x 800mm

Colour:                                  White

Most Suited For:

  • Larger Ponds
  • Ponds with filter systems.


  • Independent comparative tests have been conducted on both Pure Magic products by Mr Keith Ranson, who works at the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University and recommendations have been based on his report.

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  • Cut the Pure Magic 2 to fit your filter box. It may need to be anchored. It should also be positioned, hairy side up, close to the outflow of the filter box.
  • When used in conjunction with Pure Magic 1 it should be positioned ‘upstrem’ whilst Pure Magic 1 should be located just before the outflow.
  • Initially you will need to check to see whether the product is overloaded with dirt and algae from your pond daily. If it is it will need to be washed or replaced.
  • After initial clean up, usually around 3-6 months, add a second piece over the first. After a further 3-6 months remove the first piece and add another piece and continue this rotation.
  • You are able to wash and re-use Pure Magic 2. To clean simply direct a jet of water at each side of the material for a few seconds.
  • It is suggested that once you have a clean pond, to maintain the build-up of useful nitrifying bacteria, the product should be washed in actual pond water. 


Where do I use Pure Magic?

We always suggest that Pure Magic should be used at the last stage of the filtration system with the fibre surface facing the water flow.


If it is used earlier it will pick up all sorts of detritus which can lead to a back up of water in the system. However, if there are particular physical problems of getting to the filter box an alternative would be to put the Pure Magic in a planter which is held in place under the outlet point. The water flow will then go through the material trapping the algae.

If my pond is really dirty should I use Pure Magic 1 or Pure Magic 2?

If your pond is really green with algae then we recommend that Pure Magic 2 is used in the initial cleaning. There is a need for a constant cleaning out of the Pure Magic as the algae is removed from the water. Therefore, if the re-usable Pure Magic 2 is used this can be washed out and ultimately cut the cost.

Why is Pure Magic not working for me?

The most likely reason is that the Pure Magic has become overloaded, reached saturation point and can no longer take out any more dirt and algae from the pond water. It is important that you change the Pure Magic regularly until the material itself remains relatively clean and the water is clear. In the case of Pure Magic 2 the material should be washed out and re-used but Pure Magic 1 must be discarded and replaced. Initially, with a very green pond you should try to check the Pure Magic every couple of hours.

Pure Magic has a furry side and a plain one. Which direction do I place them?

The furry, fibre, side should face the flow of the water.



Why is Pure Magic 1 better than 2 in picking up single cell algae?

From laboratory tests it is seen that Pure Magic 1 picks up single cell algae whereas Pure Magic 2 removes less of them but is fully effective once they start to clump together. The technical reason for this is not fully known. Since the fibres of both are the same fibre but the backing used is different in each case it seems likely that the backing could be the key. However, Pure Magic 2 is still significantly better than other competitive filter materials and has the bonus of being re-usable.


Where do I use Pure Magic 1 and 2 if I wish to combine both products within the system?

Pure Magic 1 must be used as the very last stage of filtration and Pure Magic 2 is placed just before it so that it acts as a pre-filter.


Why do I need Pure Magic when I have a UV light?

The ultra violet system, when effective, changes the DNA structure of the algae and makes it clump together. The material, however, still needs to be removed. If this is not done efficiently it will cause increased sediment on the bottom of the pond which will be stirred up by the fish. Consequently, a combination of UV light and Pure Magic gives a better option to obtain a really clear pond.


Can Pure Magic be used in all filter systems?

The only known filter system to date that cannot directly utilise the advantage of Pure Magic is the turbo filter. However, you can still use this product you will just need to put it into a planter under the outlet point.


Can Pure Magic be used in a natural pond?

We have feedback from natural pond owners to say that they have used Pure Magic with a degree of success. There would have to be some water flow in the pond even if it were only caused by the movement of fish.  One customer even placed the Pure Magic on the bottom of his pond, held day by stones. However, currently we have very little data on the application of Pure Magic in natural ponds.


Is Pure Magic environmentally friendly?

Yes it is. Pure Magic products are inert and non-toxic. They will not harm fish or other pond life. There are no chemical additives; instead the ‘magic’ is in the characteristics of the material structure itself. The colouring in Pure Magic 2 are obtained from non-toxic colour masterbatches and will not leach out (German DIN Standard s3 160) i.e. dye stuffs are not used.

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