Roundup ProActive 360 5L Glyphosate Weedkiller

Top quality, professionally recommended, tough weedkiller. Roundup Pro Active replaces Roundup Pro Biactive 360 to become the next generation glyphosate 360 weedkiller.
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Roundup Pro Active 360 Weedkiller

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Roundup ProActive 360 (5L)


Roundup ProActive is the upgrade to Roundup Pro Biactive 360, offering new superior weed control.

Active Ingedient: 360g/l glyphosate.


Why Use Roundup ProActive?


  • Treats and controls problem invasive weeds and plants.
  • Advanced formulation allows glyphosate to enter through the leaves more efficiently.
  • Roundup Pro Active contains 360 g/l glyphosate content.
  • Pro Active has new low-drift properties.
  • Safe to the environment (see below); The product biodegrades in water and soil.
  • Rainfast in 1 hour on annual weeds and perennial weeds are rainfast in 4 hours.

What Weeds does Roundup ProActive Treat?


Roundup ProActive is effective against almost every weed due to its double wetter system which enhances leaf penetration and translocation.

Roundup ProActive is effective against these particularly difficult weeds:

  • Giant Hogweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Horsetail
  • Dandelion and other compositae
  • Common nettle
  • Common Ragwort
  • Bracken
  • Ground Elder

For the professional control of Japanese Knotweed - Stem Injection Equipment

Application Rates using a standard knapsack sprayer:


  • Annual grasses, annual broad leaf weeds 150 ml to 10 L water
  • Cut stump application (coniferous) 200 ml to 1 L water (max. 20% solution) 
  • Perennial broad leaf weeds 250 ml to 10 L water
  • Aquatic Weeds: Floating weeds, water lillies 300 ml to 10L water
  • Rhodendron, Ivy, Bracken and Waxy Plants 500ml to 10L water
  • Hand-held weedwiper 1 L to 2.25 L water


When to use:


Although Roundup ProActive can be sprayed at any time of the year when weeds are green and growing, it is best to employ a 2-3 spray cycle. First spray ideal in March-April, again in June/July and spray before die back in September/October. This is a broad overview of when to use Roundup ProActive and if you have a specific weed in mind, please contact us as spray times may be different depending on the type of weed.


How does Roundup ProActive Work?


Roundup ProActive works by breaking down the waxy surface of the leaf and entering the plant cells. Tallow Amine aggressively strips off the wax of the leaf allowing the Glyphosate to enter. The unique formulation between Glyphosate and Biactivators draws the maximum amount of Glyphosate into the plant. This process increases the chance of a permanent kill of the weed. 


Where can I Use Roundup ProActive?


  • Hard surfaces
  • Amenity vegetation
  • Enclosed waters
  • Natural surfaces (which should not bear vegetation)
  • Land immediately adjacent to aquatic areas and open waters

Approved for use in areas open to the public/animals and near water.

Remember that Roundup ProActive is so effective that any cross spray will potentially kill any plants the weedkiller comes into contact with, so use with care. 


Is Roundup ProActive Safe for the Environment?


Roundup ProActive has a low toxicity to humans, animals, birds, fish and insects. The active ingredient acts on an enzyme that is actually found in plants which prevents the plant from making proteins. There is no need to segregate spraying areas and Roundup ProActive is approved for use in aquatic areas, which means in water or on land close to water. The world Health Organisation actually rates Glyphosate as ‘Practically non toxic’ which is the lowest classification available.

Bulk Orders:

For prices on Bulk Orders of Roundup ProActive (5L), please contact our technical sales team on 01978 75 88 22.

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The product page for this product provides only a short overview on how to use the product and does not cover all the necessary points. Therefore, please click the 'Product Information Sheet' link below for more information.


Safe Use of Pesticides

The Purchaser and/or end users are responsible for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be trained and certified in using and applying any Ministry Approved professional product.

Please be aware that you are purchasing a professional pesticide product.

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"By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the jobs they are carrying out."

Please click link below for an in-depth safety analysis.

Can I keep and store diluted herbicide spray?

Once diluted the active ingredient will start to break down and lose activity within a few days. Ideally, surplus spray should be sprayed out onto an untreated area where it will have a beneficial herbicidal effect, but not on tarmac or concrete.

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