Top quality, professionally recommended, tough weedkiller. Roundup Pro Vantage replaces Roundup 450 to become the next generation glyphosate weedkiller.

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Roundup Pro Vantage


Roundup Pro Vantage is the latest product from Roundup. Roundup Pro Vantage is a high strength Glyphosate weedkiller ideal for use against a wide range of common weeds, including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam. This product is the next generation after Roundup 450 and has added Pro Bio surfactants and extra glyphosate strength. It's the most efficient weedkiller on the market today.


Why Use Roundup Pro Vantage?


  • Treats and controls problem invasive weeds and plants.
  • Advanced formulation using Transform technology which allows glyphosate to enter through the leaves more efficiently.
  • High Glyphosate content. Roundup contains 480 g/l glyphosate content.
  • Over 30% more Glyphosate than standard weedkillers.
  • Safe to the environment. There is no requirement to separate areas off from children and animals once sprayed. This product does not even carry a hazard symbol. Safe for Aquatic Use. Can be used around ponds and lakes without damaging the wildlife.
  • Rainfast in 1 hour on annual grasses and common couch and all other weeds are rainfast in 4 hours, ensuring that it is ideal for the British weather!


What Weeds does Roundup Pro Vantage Treat?



  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Common Nettle
  • Common Ragwort
  • Bracken Ground Elder

Application Rates using a standard knapsack sprayer:

  • Annual grasses, annual broad leaf weeds 1:84 or 12ml/l covers 2.4L/ha
  • Arrable weeds, pre planting of trees 1:63 or 16ml/L covers 3.2L/ha
  • Perennial Weeds 1:50 or 20ml/L covers 4.0L/ha
  • Floating Aquatic Weeds 1:44 or 23ml/L covers 4.8L/ha
  • Rhodendron, Ivy, Waxy Plants 1:2 or 40ml/L covers 8.0L/ha

When to use:


Although Roundup Pro Vantage can be sprayed at any time of the year when weeds are green and growing, it is best to employ a 2-3 spray cycle. First spray ideal in March-April, again in June/July and spray before die back in September/October. This is a broad overview of when to use Roundup Pro Vantage and if you have a specific weed in mind, please contact us as spray times may be different depending on the type of weed.

How does Roundup Pro Vantage Work?

Roundup Pro Vantage works by breaking down the waxy surface of the leaf and entering the plant cells. Most other Glyphosate weedkillers do this using a combination of the Glyphosate and Tallow Amine which is product which aggressively strips off the wax of the leaf allowing the Glyphosate to enter. Roundup Pro Vantage contains the unique pro bio adjuvant technology which gently allows the glyphosate to enter the plant more efficiently increasing the chance of a permanent kill of the weed. The difference with Roundup Pro Vantage using this Pro Bio technology is that it allows the glyphosate to enter the leave without the plant/weed knowing that it is under attack, allowing the Glyphosate to enter the roots and kill the weed for good.

Where can I Use Roundup Pro Vantage?

Roundup Pro Vantage can be used in any plant free areas. Remember that Roundup Pro Vantage is so effective that any cross spray will potentially kill any plants the weedkiller comes into contact with, so use with care. It can be used on open soil, grass edges, gravel and aggregate drives, sand enclosures, and on hard surfaces such as pavements and pavings.

Is Roundup Pro Vantage Safe for the Environment?

Roundup Pro Vantage has a low toxicity to humans, animals, birds, fish and insects. The active ingredient acts on an enzyme that is actually found in plants which prevents the plant from making proteins. There is no need to segregate spraying areas and Roundup pro Vantage is approved for use in aquatic areas, which means in water or on land close to water. The world Health Organisation actually rates Glyphosate as ‘Practically non toxic’ which is the lowest classification available.


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This is only a short overview on how to use the product and does not cover all the necessary points. Therefore, please click the 'Product Information Sheet' link below for more information.

Please click link below for an in-depth safety analysis.

Can I keep and store diluted herbicide spray?

Once diluted the active ingredient will start to break down and lose activity within a few days. Ideally, surplus spray should be sprayed out onto an untreated area where it will have a beneficial herbicidal effect, but not on tarmac or concrete.

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