Dry Rot & Woodworm Solutions

  • Woodworm Killer



    A premium pesticide which has been specially designed to prevent re-infestation of woodworm and other wood destroying insects as well as eradicating them. This product is easy to use, fast acting and effective. (1 litre).

  • N-Virobor 10 wood preservative

    N-VIROBOR 10


    This aqueous wood preservative and masonry biocide eradicates woodworm and other wood destroying insects, as well as protecting against timber rotting fungi (dry and wet rot). (5 litres)

  • N-virobor wood preservative


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    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER MANUFACTURED. AS AN ALTERNATIVE, YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN N-VIROBOR 10. This boron based, low odour, gel formulation timber preservative is for use on high risk timbers. It can be injected or applied by brush to protect against wood boring insects such as the watch beetle and fungal decay (wet and dry rot). This premium product has up to 20 times more active ingredient than some conventional paste formulations. (Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.)

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  • Dual



    This professional wood preservative provides a double action treatment which protects against both wood boring insect attack (woodworm) and fungal decay (wet and dry rot) during the drying out period after the removal of damp. (1 litre).

  • Masonry Biocide



    This concentrated fungicide has been specially designed to eradicate and control the dry rot fungus on masonry and brickwork. It also removes and prevents moulds, algae, mosses and lichens on both internal and external surfaces. SkilledBuild Masonry Biocide is a premium product and it has a special micro emulsion system which allows it to work very quickly and to have better overall absorption, for a deeper and longer lasting treatment. (1 litre).