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Weedkiller Injection Gun

Weedkiller Injection Gun for injecting herbicide into hollow cane invasive plants, such as Japanese Knotweed.

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Weedkiller Injection Gun

  • Weedkiller Injection Gun
  • Weedkiller Injection Gun
  • Japanese Knotweed
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Weed Killer Injection Gun - Targeted Treatment for Japanese Knotweed 

This is the ultimate stem injection system and is designed for delivering an accurate dose of herbicide directly into the stem of a weed. This allows the herbicide to be quickly absorbed by the plant and translocated through the roots, giving effective control of notoriously difficult weeds such as Japanese Knotweed. In fact just one correctly applied treatment is enough to eradicate a healthy plant.

You may wonder why not just use a sprayer? Well, the Weedkiller Injection Gun has several advantages over this application method. For one, since the weedkiller injection gun provides a calibrated dose of herbicide to the plant there is a reduced in waste and an increase in effectiveness. It is also not restricted by wet or windy weather and its targeted application means there is no damage to surrounding desired vegetation, since there is no spray drift or run off.

The Weedkiller Injection Gun is also designed so there is no need to mix the herbicide with water and the needle helps to prevent injury, making the StemMaster easy and safe to use. In addition this product is supplied in a robust carry case, for safe storage and transportation, prolonging the life of the equipment.

Always use herbicides with a specific label approval for this method of application. 

Note there is a 3-5 day lead time on this product.

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  • Fill the bottle with label approved herbicide (up to 200ml)
  • Calibrate and price (following the instructions in the manual).
  • Insert the needle into the stem, with the Weedkiller Injection Gun upright to the stem and the needle midway betwen the lower nodes.
  • Ensure the needle has pierced the stem on both sides.
  • Squeeze the trigger and the calibrated amount of herbicide will be delivered directly into the stem cavity.
  • Release the trigger to reload the Weedkiller Injection Gun with herbicide.

Please contact our technical sales team for more information on the use of this product - 01978 75 88 22.

There may be additional waiting times of 3 - 5 days with this product. 

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