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Admixtures & Additives

  • Liquid Mortar Plasticiser - building additive


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    This premium product improves the mixing and workability of all cement based mortars as well as increasing their resistance to freeze-thaw cycles (which reduces cracking) and improving their overall adhesive properties. (Sold in 5 litre or 25 litre containers)

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  • Ultimate Pro Integral Waterproofer.



    This premium liquid additive provides long term water protection to mortar, screeds, cement, concrete and rendering. It also improves workability, frost-resistance and strength, reduces salting, efflorescence, cracking, shrinking, moss and algae growth and will not corrode reinforcing metal work. (5 litres)

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  • Ultimate Pro SBR Admixture



    This premium grade, highly versatile latex bonding agent improves the properties of render, screed and mortar mixes. It can be used with any cement based mixture to provide flexural, adhesive and tensile strength as well as abrasion, chemical and long term water resistance. In addition this product's outstanding waterproofing and bonding properties make it an increasingly popular choice over PVA for the professional user. (5 litres).

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  • PVA Bond



    If you need a premium quality PVA then our product is for you. It is quick drying, durable and has a very high bond strength. This high performance sealer, primer, dust-proofer and bonding agent improves adhesion and reduces cracking in cements and plaster. In addition, it also primes and seals porous surfaces. (5 litres)

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