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Crackstitching Kits

Crack Stitching

How to Repair a Cracked Wall Using Helical Wire Reinforcement System           

You can undertaking crack stitching to repair cracks using our SpiraCoil Crack Stitching Kit; individual products for this purpose are also available from SkilledBuild. These products are of premium professional quality but may also be used by suitably competent DIYers. Like all the most successful systems, the product is simple to use. 

How does the Crack Stitch system work?

SpiraCoil Crack Repair System uses specially developed cementitious masonry repair grout and stainless steel helical masonry repair bars to 'stitch' internal and external vertical and diagonal cracks in brick, concrete block, stone walls, and Nofines/Easiform concrete panels. 

Cracks in walls are stabilised and their structural integrity reinstated by grouting (SpiraGrout) crack stitch Helical Bars into a cut channel in the wall. The SpiraCoil Helical Bars (SpiraCoil) reconnect walls either side of a crack, reinstating structural integrity to the damaged wall. The masonry repair bars extend beyond the cracks, helping to stabilise the structure and provide some resistance against future cracking by diffusing stresses along a greater area of the wall.

The repair channels can be hidden visually by cutting them along existing mortar joints and later re-pointeing to match the surrounding masonry mortar. It is possible to achieve a near invisible repair using thismethod.

SpiraGrout is a high performance, thixotropic cement based crack stitching grout. The masonry repair grout fills the repair channel and adheres to the helix of the helical bar achieving an excellent bond to the channel substrates. The masonry repair grout cures rapidly to hold the helical bar in position and develops considerable compressive strength and resists axial deflection of the rod under load conditions.  The result:  the repair is tough but flexible enough to accept normal building movement and expansion/contraction forces. 

The system is time proven and specified by surveyors, engineers/insurance companies and most conservation officers to provide practical long term repair.

Good preparation is ‘key’ to success. SkilledBuild advocates that this preparation also includes assessment of Health & Safety risks before work starts.  Persons should be suitably skilled in the use of power tools and all appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) be worn.  Consider safe access to the work area and the stability of the structure to be worked on.

Key Benefits of Crack Stitching: 

  •  Cost effective and more stable than other repair systems.

  •  Minimises the likelihood of further cracking, unlike injection methods).

  •  A permanent none destructive repair.

  •  No special skills required for installation.

  •  Removes the need to rebuild walls.

  •  Movement stresses diffused over the complete length of the repair bar.

  •  No additional fixings, plates or screws required.

  •  SpiraCoil is manufactured from durable (304 grade) austenitic stainless steel.

  •  SpiraCoil have a superb combination of axial strength and flexibility.

  •  Masonry remains flexible enough to accommodate natural building movement.