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Masonry Repair Grouts

  • Mixing Paddle



    Attach this mixing paddle to an electric drill with a 10mm or larger chuck to effectively and quickly mix plaster, paint, slurries, textured coatings and other viscous materials. Stirring power equals 500 – 700 rpm.

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  • Finger Pointing Trowel



    This premium quality finger pointing trowel can be used for accurate finishing of joints between bricks. It is manufactured from a single piece of high quality steel and has a soft-grip handle for improved comfort and feel. It also has the added benefit of a high lift hang for safe knuckle clearance. A great tool if you are crackstitching. (13mm)

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  • Heavy Duty Mixing Paddle



    Used to pull material from the base towards the top. This robust paddle provides excellent stirring power. It is for use with electric drills with 10mm or larger chuck and can mix plaster, cement slurries and textured coatings, including artex, adhesive screed, mortar, plaster paint. (500 – 700 rpm).

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SpiraGrout Masonary Repair Grout

This high performance, 2-part, thixotropic, cement-based anchor grout has been specially developed to meet the rigors and requirements of the modern building industry. Many similar masonry repair products have been available on the market from other suppliers for many years but unfortunately these have not been updated and improved by using newly developed additives.

SkilledBuild’s product development and testing has resulted in the introduction of a number of the latest High-Tech cement additives and enhancers to create a superior latest generation masonry repair grout. Our masonry repair grout gives higher performance and easier installation due to improved pump-ability through a mortar gun.

Each tub contains both powder component and liquid components. The powder part is based on a high quality graded silica sands, refined cement, shrinkage compensation compounds and a synergistic blend of admixtures. The liquid is based on a styrene butadiene co-polymer which adds considerably to the grouts properties and adhesive qualities.

The products are packaged in the correct ‘ready to mix’ ratios and will create a pumpable grout. The products must be mixed in accordance with the instructions. This product should not be part mixed.

The grout is typically pumped into place using a mortar cartridge gun (see SkilledBuild's Cox Grout Gun). Each filling of the gun must be used within 5 minutes to avoid thickening. The product in the pail should be mixed each time a gun filling is carried out. The injected grout will not shrink in anchor holes and quickly develops considerable compressive strength.

SpiraGrout is primarily used for bonding metal components into masonry substrates, for instance SpiraCoil crack-stitching bars, ties and may also be used to anchor bolts and bars. Other uses include an adhesive for fixing brick slips to walls, masonry bonding, bedding bearing plates, grouting and packing. It is suitable for all normal masonry use and has high early strength, developing 30% compressive strength after just 24 hours. It is also a true non-gaseous grout, free of bleeding and settlement, as well as being environmentally and user friendly.

See the SpiraGrout product page for further product information, installation guidance and Health & Safety information.