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Damp Proof Membranes

A Damp Proof Membrane is a waterproof layer that prevents the transfer of moisture between different areas of buildings. When a Damp Proof Membrane is installed into a building structure, it acts as a physical Damp Proof Course by preventing damp from entering the building through the walls or floors. For this reason, Damp Proof Membranes are excellent systems that are used to protect basements and cellar conversions from the ingress of water and damp. 

We have a range of Damp Proof Membranes, which come in different stud depths and sizes, kits and accessories for the installation of a dependable waterproofing system to your basement or cellar. If you are starting from scratch, have a look at our Damp Proof Membrane Kits, which have everything you need to install a Damp Proof Membrane at a great price. 

  • Waterproof Tanking Membrane



    Waterproof Tanking Membrane is ideal for waterproofing both walls and floors. Our waterproof membrane is easily installed and finishes such as dry lining can be applied directly to the studs. The shape of the waterproof membrane also allows easy application of floor finishes and provides an impermeable waterproof surface. This Roll of waterproof membrane is 2.0m x 20m covering 40m2 of wall or floors. Ideal finish for dry lining or floor laying. 

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  • Waterproof Tanking Kit



    Waterproof Tanking Membrane Kit has everything you need to undertake waterproofing of walls or floors. This pack has all the materials required to complete 40m2 of waterproofing and is easy to install. The kit contains 2.0m x 20m membrane, 200 Brick Plugs and washers and a roll of Waterproofing Tape. 

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  • Damp Proof Membrane 8mm studs



    8mm Waterproof Mesh Membrane ideal for waterproofing walls in a cellar or basement conversion or simply as a solution against damp from an adjoining wall or property. This waterproof membrane can be directly plastered or dot and dab plasterboarded. Available in 20m x 2m rolls of waterproof membrane covering 40 m2 .

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    8mm Waterproof Mesh Membrane Kit has everything you need to waterproof 40m2 of your property. The kit contains 2.0 x 20m of Waterproof Mesh Membrane, Waterproofing Tape for overlapping membrane and corners and Brick Plugs and washers for fixing the Waterproof Mesh Membrane to the walls. 

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    Waterproof Floor Membrane with 20mm studs suitable for waterproofing basement and cellar floors. Roll size is 20m x 2.0m and covers 40 m2. Once installed it is ready for the floor finish. 

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  • Damp proof membrane rope



    You can use this rubber butyl rope to form watertight seals between plug fixings (used to secure damp proof membranes to building substrates) and the membranes, by wrapping a bead of the rope around the head of the plug prior to application. It can also be used for jointing membranes where the studs do not overlap and a flat flange to stud joint seal is not created, if a flat seal is possible damp proof membrane tape should be used instead. (10mm bead x 5m).

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  • Plaster Plugs - damp proof membrane accessories


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    This premium quality plaster plug is a one piece hammer-in fixing, which is manufactured from corrosion resistant polypropylene. An advantageous feature of this plug is that it incorporates a textured surface head to help direct application of various plaster or plasterboard; so it is perfect for use with mesh damp proof membranes. (Available in 50mm and 70mm and they come in packs of 100, 200, 500, 1000 with prices ranging from £9.90 to £71.59)

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  • Membrane Fleece Tape



    This wide, self-adhesive, flexible, rubber butyl tape has a geotextile backing and is generally used to seal all damp proof membranes together where they join or overlap. This tape's major advantage is that it has been designed so that it can be easily plastered, rendered or painted over, unlike the other butyl tapes.

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  • Membrane Tape



    This flexible rubber butyl tape can be used to form a watertight seal at the overlap of adjacent sheets of waterproof membranes where the studs interlock. You will need to lace the tape between the flange of one sheet and the top surface of the next. If a flat flange to stud joint does not occur you will need to use our Damp Proof Membrane Rope. (2mm x 28mm x 22.5m)

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  • Advanced Brick Plugs


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    This top of the range Brick Plug is used in damp proofing applications to secure cavity drain membranes to a base material, usually brickwork, stone or concrete. (This product comes in packs of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 and prices range from £25.99 to £211.20).

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  • Plug Seals


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    These synethtic waterproof washers are a quick and easy way of forming a compression seal when installing damp proof membranes to a substrate using SkilledBuild Brick or Plaster Plugs. It is a simpler alternative to using waterproof rope. (They are available in packs of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 with prices ranging from £9.90 to £70.40)

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  • Cob Plugs - damp proof membrane accessories


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    These cob plugs can be used to secure damp proof membranes or lining boards to poor quality base material. This is because unlike standard friction fit fasteners our plugs have an expanding stem which provides fantastic anchorage. SkilledBuild cob plugs are available in both 60mm and 90mm lengths. (Available in packs of 50, 100, 200 and 1000)

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Installing Damp Proof Membranes

Waterproofing or Damp Proof Membranes can be a great way of stopping damp penetrating your property. The Damp Proof Membranes can be bought as part of kit which contains everything you need to damp proof your wall. Read below to see how easy it is to install a Damp Proof Membrane at your property.

Preparing the Wall for the Damp Proof Membrane

1. Remove or renew all contaminated and loose plaster and locate the sources of the moisture ingress.

2. Treat wall with masonry biocide solution to ensure wall is free of moulds and fungi.

3. If the wall is salting then treat with SkilledBuild AntiSalting Treatment.

Installing the Damp Proof Membrane

1. When installing a Damp Proof Membrane it is best practice to work outwards from the centre of the Damp Proof Membrane. The Damp Proof Membrane Plugs should be installed at spacings of 300mm centres both horizontally and vertically to create a diamond pattern.

2. Drill 8mm diameter holes through the Damp Proof Membrane into wall to a depth of 70mm, or length of Plug being used. 

3. Push the Plug Seal on to the Plug ready to be installed into the Damp Proof Membrane.

4. Push Plug through the Damp Proof Membrane into fixing hole until seal is compressed and the Damp Proof Membrane is fixed to the wall.

5. Use the Damp Proof Membrane Tape to seal the joints between the Damp Proof Membrane sheets to ensure the membrane is tightly sealed together. Damp Proof Membrane Rope is applied between overlapping strips of Damp Proof Membrane at edges.

6. It is advised to use Damp Proof Membrane Corner Tape to seal the joints at the wall and floor in order to achieve the best results. 

For help or advice on Damp Proof Membranes, please contact us to speak with one of our technical team members.