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DIY Damp Proofing Kits

A great selection of DIY Damp Proofing Kits which can be easily installed. If you are unsure about how to install the damp proof creams, have a look at our detailed "How To Install Damp Proof Cream" guide. The DIY Damp Proofing Kits have everything you need to install a chemical damp proof course. If you require more Damp Proof Cream than specified please contact us for a bespoke damp proofing kit quote. 

  • Dampout+ DPC Injection Cream



    The Damp Proof Course is easily installed by injection of Damp Proof Cream into holes drilled into walls affected by Rising Damp. No specialist skills or equipment are required for installation of the Damp Proof Cream. This kit has 10 x Damp Proof Creams, Damp Proof Cream Gun, 2 x Drill Bits, H&S equipment and detailed installation instructions. 

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  • DampOut+ Damp Proof Cream Injection

    DAMPOUT+ DAMP PROOF CREAM (400ml) x 12


    DampOut+ is our advanced, concentrated siloxane Damp Proof Cream which stops rising damp dead. Our Damp Proof Cream is suitable for brick, stone and masonry walls and can advantageously be applied from either inside or out. DampOut+ Damp Proof Cream is ideally suited for walls with existing damp problems and is formulated to be applied into damp and wet walls. (400ml cartridges of our Damp Proof Cream are available in bulk buy packs of 6, 12, 24, 60)

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  • Dampout+ Damp Proof Course Injection Cream DIY Rising Damp Kit



    For treatment of Rising Damp, install a Damp Proof Course by simply drilling appropriate holes into the affected wall(s) and injecting Damp Proof Cream. No specialist skills or equipment are required for installation of the Damp Proof Cream. This kit includes 10 x Damp Proof Creams, Damp Proof Cream Gun, Integral Waterproofer Additive, Drill Bits, H&S equipment and detailed installation instructions.

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How to Treat Damp Walls Using DIY Damp Proofing Kits

It is very simple to use our DIY damp proofing kits. Every kit includes a extensive how to guide which shows every step you need to take to install the Damp Proof Cream. We have outlined the basic steps below;

1. Locate a mortar joint at least 150mm above external ground level. For internal walls, insert the Damp Proof Cream in a mortar joint as close to the internal floor level as can be achieved.

2. Drill 12mm diameter holes horizontally in the mortar bed to a depth of 10mm less than the wall thickness at centres no greater than 100mm.

3. Remove all the dust from the holes using a blow out pump or with water.

4. If walls are dry or mildly damp, spray water into the holes until absorbed by mortar. This is a very important step as it increases the effectiveness of the Damp Proof Cream.

5. Fit Damp Proof Cream cartridge with nozzle supplied.

6. Inject the Damp Proof Cream cream slowly into each hole using a standard 400ml caulking gun.

7. Extend the nozzle of the gun to the rear of the hole and slowly withdraw the nozzle as the Damp Proof Cream fills the hole.

8. Once the Damp Proof Cream has been applied to the holes, the holes in external walls can be easily capped with SkilledBuild Injection Plugs - included in kits. 

9. Internal holes should be plugged or plastered over using a suitable rennovation plaster, or by simply covering with a skirting board.