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Weed Control

There is nothing more annoying than unwanted plants growing in the wrong place. However, don't despair we stock a wide range of quality weedkillers to get you weed problems under control without hard work.

  • Mixture B

    Mixture B - Herbicidal Absorption Accelerant


    This product should be used together with glyphosate herbicides to enhance their performance. It accelerates waxy leaf cuticle penetration by dissolving the coating. It reduces the risk of wash off, aids spreading properties, enhances the effects of glyphosate and increases herbicidal uptake. It is also ideal for conditions where spraying is difficult and for tough and hard to control weeds.

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  • Blue Indicator Dye

    Blue Indicator Spray Dye For Weedkillers


    Mix with herbicides to accurately see where you have sprayed. This blue dye is a highly concentrated, temporary spray colourant, which dissipates quickly in either wet or dry weather and provides a distinctive colour to show you exactly where you have sprayed your herbicide.

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  • Weedkiller Injection Gun

    Weedkiller Injection Gun


    This is the ultimate stem injection system weedkiller gun and is designed for delivering an accurate dose of herbicide directly into the stem of a weed. This allows the herbicide to be quickly absorbed by the plant and translocated through the roots, giving effective control of notoriously difficult weeds such as Japanese Knotweed. In fact just one correctly applied treatment is enough to eradicate a healthy plant.

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    Our great value measuring jug has a fantastic embossed scale in ml. Perfect for measuring weedkillers and other garden/building products. 

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