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  • Woodworm Killer



    A premium pesticide which has been specially designed to prevent re-infestation of woodworm and other wood destroying insects as well as eradicating them. This product is easy to use, fast acting and effective. (1 litre).

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  • N-Virobor 10 wood preservative

    N-VIROBOR 10


    This aqueous wood preservative and masonry biocide eradicates woodworm and other wood destroying insects, as well as protecting against timber rotting fungi (dry and wet rot). (5 litres)

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  • Creocote


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    Created as a substitute for Creosote this wood treatment protects and preserves a variety of exterior timbers, such as garden sheds. It provides excellent water repellence and restricts weather damage, as well as imparting a rich colour. (Sold in 4 litre and 20 litre containers)

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  • Teak Oil


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    Popular wood treatment which replaces oils removed from wood by weathering. This helps the wood to regain its natural sheen and warm tone. It also helps to combat mildew and algae. ( Available as a 500ml spray or a 1 litre container)

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  • Algae and Moss Killer - eradicates moss, algae and fungi.


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    This high performance exterior/interior use concentrated professional algae and moss killer is perfect for eradicating algae, moss and fungi. This premium product works on contact and will kill mould and other growths within typically 2-4 days and the secondary detergent action will help to gently clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months. (Available in 1 litre and 5 litres).

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  • Ready Mixed Filler



    This ready mixed, multi-purpose filler has many uses and is ideal for repairs to all stonework, timber and plaster. It is simple to use, does not shrink and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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  • Patching Plaster



    This ready to use product can be used to fill holes and cracks in walls, ceilings, around door frames and skirting boards, to provide a smooth surface perfect for overpainting and wallpapering. It is tough, durable, shrink and crack resistant and easy to use. (1.5kg).

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  • PVA Wood Glue - timber adhesive


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    This one pack, ready to use adhesive has been specially developed using the latest fast drying, water resistant PVA technology, in order to achieve a bond strength stronger than wood itself. SkilledBuild 2in1 Wood Glue is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, is suitable for a variety of wood surfaces, appropriate for damp and humid conditions, long lasting, unbreakable and easy to work with. (Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers).

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  • PU Adhesive



    TOUGHBOND+ PU ADHESIVE has been developed using the latest fast curing, water resistant, chemical resistant Polyurethane technology capable of making bonds stronger than wood itself. It dries in just 30 minutes to produce an extra strong strength and can be used indoors or out.

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  • Wood Moisture Meter.



    A popular, quick testing and simple to use moisture meter which measures dampness of wood and plaster and shows the results on an easy to read LED display.

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  • Shed and Fence Brush



    This brush is ideal for painting over a shed, fence or any other timber with either oil or water based wood preservatives, such as Creocote. It has a thick head for quick application and a black handle that features a bucket rest.

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  • Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks



    These re-usable, 80gsm woven sacks are strong, durable and puncture resistant so they are perfect for carrying bricks, sand and gravel (to name but a few). (Sold in packs of 5).

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