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Mould Cleaning Products & Fungicides

Mould can often be hard to remove but don't worry we offer a range of products which are specifically designed to easily remove mould, fungi and algae. Mould on walls and ceilings can be washed away with our fungicidal cleaner, SkilledBuild biocide can be used to destroy the mould roots and prepare surfaces for decoration and our fungicidal paint additive prevents black mould from re-growing once decorating has been completed.

  • Mould Steriliser Spray



    This premium biocide is formulated to kill and clean mould infected areas leaving them completely sterile and safe for further treatment.

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  • Fungicidal Paint Additive



    This fungicidal paint additive is a great product that helps protect decorative finishes from mould and future mould regrowth. Can be added to water and oil based paints, primers & undercoats and even wallpaper pastes. 

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  • Block Brush.



    Our high quality BLOCK BRUSH has excellent paint holding capacity and is suitable for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. It is multi-purpose and is ideal for applying tanking slurry.

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