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Due to operational restrictions, general sales from this website has been temporarily suspended.

Existing Clients wishing to place repeat bulk orders, may phone our office for assistance. (01978 758822)

Help and Advice


How Do I Find a Particular Product?

We have designed our website so that you will be able to find what you need quickly and easily. In fact, there are a few ways you can locate a particular product.

  • Why not try using the handy navigation bar at the top of the page. This is made up of general categories, such as Resinfix and Groundfix. Hover over one of these general headings and a list of specific product categories will appear below. Next, click on the word which best describes the product you require and you will be transported to the relevant category page where you can browse through the products until you find what you are looking for.
  • Alternatively, you can use our search box located at the very top of every page (just above the navigation bar). Type in a brief description of the product or its name and you will be immediately taken to a list of items which match that query.
  • If you still cannot find what you are looking for then please message us from your account inbox. We will try to help you find what you need on the site or advise you if we do not currently sell that item. It may even be possible that we can source and stock this product for you, especially if it is something you will require on a regular basis.

What happens if a product I want is out of stock or there is not the full quantity I require?

Hopefully this will not happen as we always try to ensure that we maintain high stock levels; it is our aim to supply you with what you want when you want it. However, if you do place an order with us and any of the products are out of stock or the quantity showing in stock is insufficient to fulfil your order, we will contact you as soon as possible by telephone to inform you and to discuss various options. We prefer to despatch complete orders, but if immediate despatch of the available items is necessary we will be happy to send your order in two or more consignments. Carriage will only be charged once or not at all if your total order exceeds the minimum carriage paid figure for your location.


Where can I get technical help/information about a product?

Knowledge is power; therefore we have made sure that we have provided you with as much information as possible on each product. Along with an in-depth description of every item on the website, most products also have a ‘Product Data sheet’ pdf which is located on the ‘How to use’ tab on the product page. This download contains a large amount of data on how to use the product as well as its benefits, uses, limitations, shelf life and optimum storage conditions, amongst other useful things. Most items will also have a Material Safety Data Sheet pdf which is located on the ‘Health and Safety' tab. We would advise you read both of these documents to ensure that you are using the product safely and correctly. 

In addition to this, you will also find various ‘How to’ guides in the 'Articles' tab on the product page and in the ‘articles and resources’ section of the website (located in the Customer Service box on the left hand side). These guides cover various common DIY and building issues and highlight which of our products are most suitable for certain tasks.

If, however, you don’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to contact us directly. If you do not need the answer immediately, then why not try e-mailing us through your account message system/via the Contact Us page and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 01978 757573 where one of our team will be happy to assist.


Is there any information on how much product may be needed for a particular job?

Usage information can be found on most Product Data Sheet pdfs which are located in the 'How to Use' tab on the individual product pages. You can also find this data in the 'Description' tab on the product page. However, if this is still no help why not try messaging us from your account inbox/ via the Contact Us page or telephoning us on 01978 757573 and we will try to help you with your query.


What is the Resin Selector and how does it work?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right products for your particular needs; therefore, we have created the Resin Selector. This handy tool will make finding the right resin as easy as clicking a few buttons. Answer several easy questions and we will tell you which resin product should work best for your specific situation. For further information please click on the 'How to Use' button at the top of the Resin Selector, as this will provide you with an in-depth overview on how to use this special tool.

Why are the certified products more expensive/ or how do the certified products differ from the other products offered?

We know that for some jobs only the best will do, therefore we have created the ‘Certified Range’. This range includes superior products and although they may be a little more expensive you can rest assured that they will work well and last a long time, in fact we guarantee it. We are so confident in the quality of these products that we will offer you a 10 year guarantee on each item.

What is the warranty/cover?

We are so convinced about the high quality of the products in this range that every single one is guaranteed for 10 years from the date that they are bought. If for some reason they do fail or do not live up to their expected standard then we will replace the product immediately.

If my certified product fails or does not live up to its expected standard what should I do?

If this happens within 10 years of purchase please get in touch, either by e-mailing us through your account message system/via the Contact Us page or by calling us on 01978 757573. Please be aware you will need proof of purchase for a valid claim to be made.

Is it safe to give my bank account or card details when shopping on the SkilledBuild website?

Yes, your online security means a lot to us and we do everything possible to ensure that we protect you and your banking details. You can be totally confident when shopping with Skilledbuild as our Secure Server Software encrypts your credit card information to ensure all your transactions with us are private and protected as they travel over the Internet. Also, we only accept orders from web browsers which permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL); consequently you cannot accidently place an order through an unsecured connection. Lastly, we use 3D Secure therefore before anyone can use your credit/debit card to make a purchase they will need to enter the correct password.

Am I able to amend my order once it's submitted?

Unfortunately you will not be able to change your order online once it has been submitted. However, don’t worry if you do need to amend, add , remove items or cancel an order just telephone us immediately or as soon as we open at 8.00am; as long as the order has not been dispatched we will be happy to make the modification for you. Please have your order reference number and payment details to hand before calling us. In addition, please be aware that depending on the alterations to the order reward points may be deducted or credited to your account.

If the items have already been dispatched then you can return the unwanted products to us, please see the returns segment of the website for more details.

Can I cancel the order?

If you wish to cancel a SkilledBuild order please ring us as soon as possible between the hours of 8.00a.m. and 5.00p.m. As long as your order has not been dispatched we will be happy to cancel the order for you. Please have your order reference number and payment details to hand before calling us. In addition, please be aware that when the order is cancelled the reward points associated with that order will be removed from your account.

If the items have already been dispatched then you can obviously return them to us, please see the returns segment of the website for more detail.

What are the advantages of opening a member account?

When you join the free SkilledBuild membership programme a number of benefits will become available to you, these include:

  • Free carriage when you spend over £150 + VAT: The free carriage limit is reduced for all members from £200 + VAT to £150 +VAT.
  • Rewards: Every member will automatically be registered into the SkilledBuild Reward Scheme. With SkilledBuild Rewards every £ spent equals points. These points can be redeemed for a number of fantastic rewards, from iPods to coffee makers.
  • Site customisation: Upon signing into your SkilledBuild account the website will become personalised to you and your needs.
  • Time saving features: Standard Order and Job Lists will also become available to you. These should help save you time when ordering products, especially when you are working on site, as they can be created in advance and used over and over again. The ‘Favourites’ and ‘Recently Viewed Items’ should also speed up the ordering process.
  • Direct e-mail access: All member accounts have an account e-mail system which allows direct access to the SkilledBuild team and enables us to reply to you quickly and efficiently.

The best way to appreciate and understand all the advantages of being a SkilledBuild member is to sign up for free. When you sign up you are not committed in any way and can cancel your membership whenever you like (although we are pretty certain you won’t want to).


How do I open a member account?

Opening up a free account with us is as easy as entering your e-mail address and creating a password; it’s that simple.  There are various links on the homepage which will open the sign up box or alternatively click here.


What is the message system?

The message system is a unique feature we have added to the website to make it easier for both of us to interact. We will occasionally send you offers or promotions we think you might be interested in and we will also send any information concerning your orders to this account. Therefore, all your correspondence with us is in one place and very easy to find. You can also use this system to get in touch with us directly; we would love to hear your thoughts and queries about our site and product range and we are always very happy to help you with any problems.

However, please note this feature does not replace your own email and correspondence will also still be sent to your registered email address.


How do I cancel promotional e-mails?

We promise we will not be overloading your registered e-mail account with numerous and needless marketing e-mails, just stuff we think you might be interested in. However, if you no longer wish to receive our promotional emails opting out is very easy, you just need to go to your accounts page and click ‘Account Settings’. There you will find a button which asks you whether you wish to have promotional e-mails, simply uncheck this box. You will be prompted as to whether you wish to go through with this action, just click yes.

Having difficulty logging in to your Account?

We would advise that you try clearing your cookies from your browser and try again. If this does not work, please contact us for assistance.


I’ve forgotten my password/username – what should I do?

Don't worry we all do it and we have made it very simple for you to regain this information. Underneath the password sign in box you will find a 'forgotten password' button, if you click this you will be taken to a page where you will need to fill in your registered e-mail address. In an instant an email will be sent to this account containing a url link which allows you to reset your password.


How do I change my password?

When you are signed in go to the ‘My Account’ page (the link for which can be found at the very top of the website) and then click on ‘Account Settings’, which is located in the orange category bar. In the ‘Account Settings’ area you will find a tick box next to the words ‘Change Password’, click this. A drop down section will then appear. To change your password simply type in your current password and what you would like to change it to in the relevant boxes. Click ‘Update My Account’ and you are finished.


How do I change my account information?

Your account information can be changed in 'My Account Settings' in your ‘My Account’ section. You can find the link to this page at the very top of the website.


Why is my purchase history recorded?

If you go to your ‘My Account’ page you will find a section called ‘My Orders’; this is where you will find a record of your order history. We have included this section as from personal experience there is nothing more annoying than trawling through lots of paperwork or e-mails trying to find a specific piece of information about an order. With our site though all your SkilledBuild information is in one place and easily accessible. The ‘My Orders’ section includes a brief overview of each order which contains the date the order was placed, who it is to be shipped to, the order total and its status. For more information on each order simply click 'View Order' and this will provide you with the delivery address/billing address, delivery method, payment method, access to invoices as well as a breakdown of the items ordered. You are also able to re-order that particular shipment simply by clicking on the 'Re-order' button.


What is the job list and how do I create one?

This is a really useful time-saving tool. With this application you can create numerous project lists, such as Garage Damp-Proofing, Smith's Bathroom refit etc., which include all the items you will need for these particular jobs. Since these lists can be made in advance ordering will be as simple as clicking a couple of buttons; especially helpful if you want to order from your mobile whilst working on-site. We have also included some special features, for instance you can add the date when the order is needed for and we will remind you when to make the order - so there's no chance you will forget.

Consequently, if you want to plan future DIY projects or  be prepared and complete your admin for a big job all in one go, despite it being over a long time frame, this is the tool for you!

To create a job list you need to go to the ‘My Lists’ section. You can do this by either clicking ‘create new list’ in the ‘My Lists’ bar in the left hand column or going to your ‘My Account’ page where you will find the ‘My Lists’ button in the orange navigation bar. Alternatively, please click here. When you are in your ‘My Lists’ area click on the ‘Create New List’ button at the bottom of the page. Choose what type of list you would like to make and give it a name. In addition, if necessary, provide a reminder date. Please enter the date that you would like this shipment delivered, however, please bear in mind that standard delivery generally takes 2-5 days. To take this into consideration we will send you reminders 10 days, 7 days, 5 days and 2 days before your specified date. These reminders will be sent to your registered e-mail address as well as being visible when you login to the SkilledBuild website. After the list has been created simply add the correct products to that list. It's as simple as that!


What is the standard order list and how do I create one?

There will be various building jobs that you could find yourself doing over and over again. The standard order lists have been designed to speed up ordering the products for these jobs. Simply, add the items you generally need for a specific job, for instance crack stitching; then the next time you undertake that particular building work all you need to do is click on the right standard order list, alter the quantities of the products as necessary and click buy now. This process should make ordering regular items easy and quick to do.

To create a Standard Order list you need to go to the ‘My Lists’ section. You can do this by either clicking ‘create new list’ in the ‘My Lists’ bar in the left hand column or going to your ‘My Account’ page where you will find the ‘My Lists’ button in the orange header. Alternatively, please click here. When you are in your ‘My Lists’ area click on the ‘Create New List’ button at the bottom of the page. Choose the Standard Order list from the drop down box and give it a suitable name. Then add the correct products to that list. It's as simple as that!


How do I cancel my member account?

Are you sure you want to cancel your member account? By doing this you will no longer be able to gain reward points. In addition, by cancelling your account you will lose your saved job and standard order lists as well as any reward points you might have already gained. If this does not persuade you not to cancel your account, however,  then maybe we can. We would really appreciate it if you would ring us on 01978 757573 to discuss the reasons why you want to cancel your account to see if we can remedy them, as we really do value all of our customers.

If you are still certain you want to cancel your free members account then go to your account page and click 'Account Settings' in the orange navigation bar. At the bottom of this page there is the 'Delete My Account' section. Simply click the 'Show' button and a screen will appear containing the necessary steps to cancel your SkilledBuild membership.


What if I get a New Credit/Debit Card?

If you are placing an order you can use your new card details at the check-out and you have the option to save the card details so they can be used next time.

What are the rewards?

We want to reward loyal customers, therefore, the more you spend with us the more rewards you earn. These points can be redeemed for a wide variety of gifts from iPods to teabags. You can also trade them for credit which can be used on all our products or if you are feeling generous donate them to charity. We offer such a large selection of gifts that whatever your taste, you will find the perfect reward.

What is the star reward and how can I earn it?

For our really loyal customers we have a reward which is out of this world (well almost). Our star prize is a trip on the Virgin Galactic into sub-orbit. If you earn this reward you can become one of the first ever non-professional astronauts and float in zero gravity, whilst looking at a thousand mile view of planet earth below and infinite space all around.

How do I enrol?

As soon as you set up a free member account you will be automatically enrolled into the reward scheme and can start earning points immediately.

How do I collect points?

Collecting points is easy; simply buy products from the SkilledBuild website. Every £ you spend will earn you points.

How do I redeem points?

Redeeming points is simple. If you have set a target reward, once you have enough points to qualify for that reward a button will appear in the 'My Reward Points' box in the left hand column, this button is also present in your 'My Rewards' section. If you still want your set target reward then just click this button. You will be asked to confirm which address you would like the reward sent to and to re-confirm your password for security purposes and that's that your reward will be sent out to you as soon as possible. However, if you have changed your mind and no longer wish to redeem your points against your target reward go to your 'My Rewards' section, where you will find a list of all the rewards you can currently redeem against. Choose which reward you want and click the 'Redeem this Reward' button...easy as that.

How long will it take for my reward to arrive?

We will try to get your reward to you as soon as possible, however, this may take anywhere from 2-14 days depending on which reward is selected. Due to this we will probably send any rewards you redeem seperately from your orders.

I am having problems redeeming my points

If for some reason you are having problems redeeming your points please contact us via your message account system on the website or call us on 01978 758 822.

How do I check my points balance?

Your reward box, detailing your point balance is always present in the left hand column of the page. You can also view your point balance and reward meter in your ‘my rewards’ section of the website.

What is the Reward Meter?

To make it easier to see how you are doing with regards to collecting points we have created the reward target meter. If you’ve got your eye on a particular product, such as an X-Box, you can set it as your target reward. The target bar will then show you how many more points you need to earn in order to be able to receive this gift.

When are the points allocated to my membership rewards account?

Upon received payment for products from the website your points will immediately be credited to your account.

Do membership reward points expire?

No there is no expiration date. You’ve earned them so you can keep them for as long as you like. However, please note reward points will be lost upon cancellation/termination of your member account.

Does my reward/gift have to be sent to the listed address?

Absolutely not. When you are redeeming your points, your listed address will automatically appear, however, if you do not want the gifts sent to this address then simply change the address in the box.

How can I leave feedback?

We want to continually improve; therefore, we would really appreciate your feedback on our site, our service and our products. Consequently, we have created several ways for you to provide us with feedback. You can message us through your online message account, go to our contact page and use the details listed to e-mail us or telephone us, or you can click on the Review buttons which are located on every individual product page.

How is my feedback used?

We take every bit of information we receive into consideration, whether it is bad or good, and will always try to improve. In addition feedback concerning products will be used to assess which of our products deserve the 'customer satisfaction' medal. This will be awarded to those products which have had consistently good customer reviews and which we feel deserve recognition for their high quality.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We welcome these payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Paypal and Sagepay.



How much does standard delivery cost?

Standard delivery costs £10 including VAT and delivery should be made within 3-5 working days. Although please note if you are a SkilledBuild member and have spent over £150 excluding VAT then delivery is FREE. If you are not a SkilledBuild member and you have spent over £200 excluding VAT then delivery is also free.

Do you offer express delivery?

Yes, express delivery costs £15 including VAT and your delivery should arrive next day. However, if you spend over £150 ex VAT and are a SkilledBuild member this falls to £7.50 . If you are not a member and you spend over £200 the delivery cost also falls to £7.50.

Is there a curtain time for next day delivery?

Yes, for next day delivery orders will need to be placed before 2pm.

Does someone need to sign for the delivery?

Yes, you must ensure that there is someone at the specified address to sign for the delivery. It is also important that you ensure that the correct delivery details are provided as SkilledBuild do not accept liability for failed deliveries as a result of incorrect delivery details or the absence of an authorised signature.

Is there anywhere you do not deliver to?

Unfortunately, at present, we do not deliver to the following places: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

If we miss delivery will your courier try again?

Our courier will attempt to deliver the product twice, before a calling card is left and it is then the customer's responsibility to arrange collection from a depot.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address to the one registered?

Of course, for your convenience we have created an address book in your account section so you can upload as many addresses as you like and choose the correct one when you are at checkout. You are also able to alter delivery details during the checkout process. Please note if you add or alter your address details we will ask you to confirm your password in order to help protect you from fraud.

Will you ever deliver by haulier?

Lighter deliveries will be made by our courier, however, larger deliveries will be sent on a pallet delivered by our trusted haulage service. We decide on receiving your order which is the most suitable method. However, if haulier access creates a problem please advise us of this when placing your order.

Under what circumstances will delivery not be successfully made by the haulier?

There are a number of criteria which need to be met for a haulier to deliver a pallet to your property. These are listed below:

1. Your property must allow for at least a 7.5 tonne vehicle. Please note that without adequate access delivery will be to the kerbside only.

2. There must be at least a 2.8m wide point of entrance to the property which is not obstructed, for example by overhanging trees.

3. There should be no inclines, only a hard and flat surface. Please note that the hand pump truck used to transport the pallet from the truck only operates on hard flat surfaces, not grass or gravel.

4. The area where the pallet needs to be stored must be close to the road as the driver will only move the pallet a reasonable distance. If it is not considered to be a reasonable distance the driver will not unload the pallet for you and will not come back to remove the pallet.


How do I return an item which is NOT faulty or damaged?

Hopefully you will never need to return a SkilledBuild product, however, if you do we will try to make the whole process as easy as possible.


If you are not 100% happy with any products or they are not what you expected, they can be returned as long as they are received in their original condition and unopened within 14 days of delivery. Any ‘special offer’ products and/or ‘kits’ can only be returned in full, not in part.

When returning the product you need to ensure that the item is adequately insured whilst in transit to us, as any damaged or ‘opened’ products will not be refunded. If everything is acceptable then the returned productcan be exchanged or a refund granted subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. Please note that the cost of delivery will not be refunded on any order and there will be an additional carriage charge made to send the new stock to you (if below £150 in value before tax if you are a member and £200 before tax if you are not). Reward points for the initial purchase of the product will also be removed on return. If a substitute product is issued then the points for this product will be added instead.


To return an item you will first need to contact the SkilledBuild team to tell us why you no longer want the product. You can either e-mail us from your account e-mail/via the ‘contact us’ page on the website or you can ring one of our friendly staff members on 01978 757573. If we are happy to exchange or refund the item we will send a copy of the returns form to your member account inbox/ personal email account.

Please ensure that when you return the item that all component parts and any promotional items are also returned. You should also include your invoice/photocopy of the invoice and the completed returns form. Without these, completion of the returns process may not occur.


How do I return a faulty item?


If on the rare occasion products are found to be faulty, defective or incorrectly supplied against your order we offer a ‘no charge’ collection, repair/replace and delivery service.

In the unlikely event that you receive goods which are obviously damaged, the carrier must be informed and the package rejected, inform us and we will ensure a replacement is sent ASAP .

 Should goods be missing from an order Skilledbuild should be notified within 3 days of delivery. Any notification after this period will not be accepted.


Firstly, please contact SkilledBuild by either e-mailing us from your account /via the ‘contact us’ page on the website or ringing a member of our team on 01978 757573, detailing the specific problem. If we are happy to exchange or refund we will send a copy of the returns form to your member account inbox/ personal email account.

Please ensure that the product is suitably packaged for return and enclose the Returns Form and a copy of the Invoice. We will then arrange for collection of the item. It should be noted, however, that we are unable to quote specific courier collection times, therefore collection should be arranged from an address where someone is always available to hand the return to our courier – perhaps a work address. If the item has already been installed please call us on 01978 757573 for further advice.