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Waterproofing Solutions

  • HydroBloc+ SealPlug



    HydroBloc+ SealPlug is a cementitious, quick-setting compound which instantly stops water leaks through cracks and joints. It comes in powder form and when mixed with water forms a putty which should be directly applied to the site of the active leak. In addition, it is multi-purpose and can also be used to provide anchor sites for wall fixings. It is a must have item along with HydroBloc+ Tanking Slurry and HydroBloc+ Fillet Seal to form a complete waterproof tanking system. (5kg).

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  • Tanking Slurry



    HydroBloc+ Wtaerproofing Tanking Slurry is the perfect damp-proofing solution for cellar and basement conversions and can also be used in bathrooms, ponds and swimming pools. To create a complete waterproofing tanking system, use this product in conjunction with HydroBloc+ Junction Fillet and HydroBloc+ SealPlug. A 10 year guarantee can be provided for this producton request. (25kg) (Available in White and Grey)

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    To create a complete waterproofing tanking system this product needs to be used in conjunction with HydroBloc+ Tanking Slurry and HydroBloc+ SealPlug. The Fillet Seal should be trowel applied to waterproof probable weak points which have stress potential (i.e. though high vibration or movement) such as a floor and wall junction or corners. Ideally, it should be incorporated in all floor and wall joints (both horizontal and vertical) to ensure an effective seal is created and to give a permanent flexible joint. (Available in Grey and White, 25kg).

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  • DampOut+ WaterSeal



    This premium, solvent-free silicone waterseal provides a micro porous water repellent coating for masonry work, without altering the appearance of the building. UltraSeal protects the surface against water, frost, waterborne dirt and fungal growths. (5 litres)

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  • Ultimate Pro Integral Waterproofer.



    This premium liquid additive provides long term water protection to mortar, screeds, cement, concrete and rendering. It also improves workability, frost-resistance and strength, reduces salting, efflorescence, cracking, shrinking, moss and algae growth and will not corrode reinforcing metal work. (5 litres)

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  • Bitumen Paint


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    Bitumen paint has a wide variety of uses as it provides an effective waterproof, weatherproof, chemical and corrosion resistant protective coating. It can protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, roofing felt, fibre/cement, corrugated iron, asphalt, wood and water tanks. (sold in 1 litre and 5 litre tins)

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  • Sealacryl



    SealAcryl is a complete, one stop, roof repair compound. This multi-purpose roof coating membrane can seal cracks, gaps and splits in most applications to provide a water tight finish in just one coat. (5kg)

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  • Bitumen Primer


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    This highly penetrative, fast drying, general purpose product seals and prepares substrates; allowing bituminous materials to be applied with ease and to produce far more effective results. If you are planning on buying/using Bitumen Paint then you really should take a look at this product. (Available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins)

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  • Wood Moisture Meter.



    A popular, quick testing and simple to use moisture meter which measures dampness of wood and plaster and shows the results on an easy to read LED display.

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  • Damp Detector



    Provides an effective, quick, easy and inexpensive way to determine whether there is damp present. It is a pocket-sized tool which can be used over and over again on various surfaces, such as masonry, plaster, concrete and wood. Our damp detector will provide both an audio and LED indication of damp.

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Tanking is the term often used when referring to the process of waterproofing a basement or cellar. This is achieved by the application of a completely waterproof layer (tanking coating) over the basement wall and floor surfaces.

Basement conversions are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to increase and improve their living spaces. Tanking is used to prevent the ingress of water into the basement space and to prevent the damage that can result from such damp, including structural damage, mould growth and timber rot. Tanking allows a damp cold space to be turned into a safe, habitable environment.

The way that tanking systems work is by providing a waterproof coating directly to the inside of the walls/floors to prevent moisture ingress. Tanking a surface does not remove the water, it simply creates a barrier.

Tanking products can be applied using a trowel or can sometimes be sprayed on. Plaster can then be applied on top of the tanking coatings. Attention must also be applied to weak points in the structure (i.e. wall/floor junctions) where water is most likely to enter.

Basement tanking products and their installation must be carried out according to the code of practice BS:8102 which details how underground structures should be protected from water ingress. SkilledBuild’s tanking products are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with relevant guidelines.