Everything you need to waterproof 40m2 of your property. 

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Waterproof Mesh Membrane Kit 20m²


Our Waterproofing Mesh Membrane Kit comprises all the materials you need to undertake 40m² of waterproofing.


SkilledBuild’s Waterproofing Mesh Membrane kit is an easy way to waterproof your walls either above or below ground; it is predominantly used to waterproof basements and cellars, and for isolating damp or wet walls.


This Kit includes SkilledBuild’s Waterproof Mesh Membrane manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and has 8mm studs which create cavity drain membrane channels, behind which any free water can run. In addition, this product has HDPE mesh lathing on the front face which allows direct application of mortars, lime renders, plaster or dot and dab plasterboard finishes.


This waterproofing mesh membrane system is popular with flood repair contractors who use it as an excellent barrier against moisture from adjoining rooms or properties and the mesh system allows plaster finishes to be applied direct.




This product is easily installed by fixing the membrane mechanically to original wall/floor surfaces.

Please see our Product Data Sheet for installation guidance.


This Waterproof Mesh Membrane Kit contains:



 The Waterproofing Tape is used to seal the overlapping joints in the membrane and corners. 


 Areas of Use: 


  • Waterproofing below ground level.

  • Isolating damp walls above ground level.




The Waterproof Mesh Membrane should be stored in dry conditions, avoiding sharp objects, direct sunlight and high temperatures.


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Important Information:


Where Waterproof Mesh Membrane is installed in basements the Waterproof Mesh Membrane must be used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility (unless passive drainage is available). The sump and pump facility must be maintained throughout the lifetime of the membrane installation.


Tanking and cellar conversion works must always be in accordance with the relevant Building Regulations or British Standards. SkilledBuild’s Waterproofing Mesh Membrane is suitable for use in accordance with BS8102:2009 to provide ‘Type C’ drained protection to structures below ground level, providing a Grade 3 or 4 dry environment suitable for domestic or commercial use.


Where there is a lack of natural ventilation it may be necessary to consider should also be given to providing an adequate means of condensation control.


Benefits of our Waterproof Mesh Membrane:


  • Use to create dry and habitable living spaces in areas suffering from damp or wet conditions.

  • Quick to install, requiring little preparation.

  • Malleable and easily cut with scissors for application around windows doors and services.

  • Low and high temperature tolerance.

  • Little or no damage to existing structure.

  • Accepts direct plaster finish.

  • Resistant to water, rot, salt, roots and contaminants.


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For more information on the Waterproof Mesh Membrane product, please visit our Product Data Sheet.

Product Data Sheet



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How do I install Waterproof Mesh Membrane?   


For a detailed guide to installing Waterproof Mesh Membrane, visit our Product Data Sheet.  




  • Contaminated or loose plaster need to be removed and replaced.

  • Treat existing moulds or fungi with an appropriate biocide, such as Skilled Build’s Mould Steriliser and Killer.

  • The floor must be cleared oil and any loose material.

  • Edges and large depressions must be levelled out.

  • Decide on a drainage design and test it before laying the Waterproof Mesh Membrane.


Fixing the Membrane:


  • Hang the membrane down the wall and using drill, drill the centre of a stud in the centre of the membrane, to a depth greater than the fixing length. (The Waterproof Mesh Membrane can be fitted against the wall or floor horizontally or vertically.)

  • A fixing then needs to be pushed into the hole until it is flush in the stud.

  • The Waterproof Mesh Membrane should be fitted from the centre of the membrane outwards. Keep the membrane level and taught to avoid ripples.

  • Fixings should be no further than 250mm apart for each other to ensure as flat a surface as possible, avoiding rippling of the membrane and subsequent cracking of the applied finish. Particular attention should be paid to corners and revels to ensure the membrane is tight to the wall. It may be necessary to use more fixings in these areas.Where dry lining, fixing centres may be increased to 350mm. When using with external render applications, the fixing centre should be reduced to 150mm.

  • Subsequent sheets should overlap stud to stud, with the non-mesh studs interlocking. Seal the overlap with Waterproofing Rope.

  • Waterproofing Tape is perfect when you lace the tape between the flange of one sheet and the top surface of the next. If the flange is not flat to the stud joint then you should use our Waterproofing Rope which is ideal for that application.

  • Where the Waterproof Mesh Membrane is installed above the Damp Proof Course level, leave a 10mm gap at the top and a 20mm gap at the base of the wall in order to provide a ventilated system. It should be finished with off-set or ventilated cappings or skirtings.



  • All plasters and renders should be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and good plastering/rendering practice. (BS5492/BS5262).

  • Use proprietary lightweight plasters or a 6:1:1 render mix. Do not use soft or building sand. A two-coat application is recommended allowing 7-10 days between coats depending on site/weather conditions. Both plasters and renders must be to a minimum total depth of 15mm. The first coat should be applied with firm pressure to the depth of the studs and cover the mesh. The coat should be scratched to provide a sound key for the floating coat. Then finish with a 3mm skim coat.

  • For dry lining use a conventional bonding plaster in dabs to minimum thickness of 8mm and that cover at least 50% of the membrane surface area.

  • Once the plastered, dry-lined or rendered surface has dried, permanent decorations can be applied including vinyl wall papers and oil paints.





Please note:


  • When Waterproof Mesh Membrane is installed in basements, it must be used in conjunction with a suitable sump and pump facility unless passive drainage is available. 

  • Where there is a lack of natural ventilation, it may also be necessary to consider how condensation will be controlled.

The Waterproof Mesh Membrane has no specific hazard specification. However, general precautions should be taken in the use of the associated equipment such as drills, hammers etc. and working in confined spaces.

The Waterproof Mesh Membrane should be stored in dry conditions, avoiding sharp objects, direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Waterproof Mesh Membrane delivery takes between 3 and 5 days.



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